National Cancer Research Institute South of England
Prostate Cancer Collaborative

South Of England Prostate Cancer Collaborative


Northern England (and Bristol) Collaborative (ProMPT)

and South of England Prostate Cancer Collaborative

Joint Meeting - Tuesday, 23 rd November 2004

10.30am - 4.30pm

Education Centre Auditorium / Seminar Suite

Christie Hospital, Manchester

Refreshments/Posters in Seminar Suite

Meeting/talks in Education centre Auditorium


•   ProMPT Executive meeting (members of ProMPT executive only)

10.00                   Coffee/Arrival/Registration   

10.30                   Introduction/Welcome   

10.35                   Progress Report from the ProMPT Collaborative - Prof   David Neal

11.00                   Progress Report from the South of England Collaborative - Prof      Colin Cooper

11.25                   Progress Report from UCL "Mini" Collaborative - Prof John Masters

11.45      Professor Norman Maitland

"Genetic Targeting of Prostate Cancer : Development of Reagents and Defining the Target Cells"

12.15                   Lunch and Poster Session   

14.30                   Professor David Dearnaley, Professor of Uro-oncology at ICR/RMH

"Development of the NCRN Clinical Trials Portfolio"

15.00                  Dr Moray Campbell, University of Birmingham

"Epigenetic disruption of nuclear receptor-mediated environmental sensing in prostate cancer"

15.30                   Open Discussion

16.00                  Close Meeting

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