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Our studies aim to identify molecules that regulate the growth of the prostate during development and in disease. In particular we focus molecules made in the stroma that control the growth of prostatic epithelia, as it is known that such molecules are involved in the control of epithelial cells in embryonic and adult prostate. We are using a technique known as serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE), which has been successful in identifying genes expressed in various tissues and diseases. The genes that we identify may be useful as markers to look at the development and progression of prostate cancer, or may provide new therapeutic targets.


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Aetiology and Genetics

Epidemiological Identification of Families
Genetic Susceptibility
Diet and Environment

Molecular Pathology

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Development of Normal Prostate
Microarray Expression Profiling
Candidate Genes
Novel Telomerase Suppressor Genes
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Novel Therapies

New Drugs for Prostate Cancer
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
Academic Urology Unit
Novel Targets from Cancer Genome Project
Novel Mechanism Based Drugs

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Cancer Gene Cloning Lab
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Tumor micro-environment in early prostate cancer

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