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The Cancer Research UK DNA Microarray Facility at The Institute of Cancer Research

Dr Ian Giddings
Institute of Cancer Research

In 2001 The Cancer Research Campaign established a Spotted DNA Microarray Facility at the Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton, Surrey. Following the CRC-ICRF merger the facility has been renamed (The Cancer Research UK DNA Microarray Facility). The facility provides spotted DNA microarrays, associated protocols and expertise to Cancer Research UK grantees. The Facility also provides an informatics resource associated with the arrays and the data obtained from them.

The service offered to Cancer Research UK grantees can be divided into three areas:



Spotted DNA microarrays

genome-wide, ontology specific and custom arrays

Access to microarray training & expertise

protocols, training and supportprovided throughout the lifetime of the grant

Centralised storage & analysis of experimental data

access restricted to grantees onlypassword restricted access to individual dataopen access to anonymised global data set

Current arrays

  1. Human cancer specific array
    Quadruplicate spotting of 1,500 sequence re-verified genes implicated in either the genesis or progression of cancer
  2. Human genome-wide array
    Duplicate spotting of 6,000 genes distributed throughout the genome

Forthcoming arrays

  1. Human 15K array
    15,000 genes distributed throughout the genome
    Due end of 2002
  2. Human 30K array
    30,000 genes distributed throughout the genome
    Due beginning of 2003
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