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Molecular Pathology

Molecular Patholgoy Development of Normal Prostate novel telomerase suppressor genes Comparative Expressed Sequence Hybridisation Links to Cancer Genome Project Click on boxes with investigators to view further details

This Collaborative theme links together a wide range of activities including Developmental Biology, Analysis of Gene Expression, and the Cancer Genome Project in a programme aimed at identifying new markers that may be of use in the clinical management of Prostate Cancer.

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Aetiology and Genetics

Epidemiological Identification of Families
Genetic Susceptibility
Diet and Environment

Molecular Pathology

Links to Cancer Genome Project
Development of Normal Prostate
Microarray Expression Profiling
Candidate Genes
Novel Telomerase Suppressor Genes
Subtractive Hybridization

Novel Therapies

New Drugs for Prostate Cancer
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
Novel Targets from Cancer Genome Project
Novel Mechanism Based Drugs

Core Resources

Cancer Gene Cloning Lab
Prostate Tissue arrays
Microarray laboratory
Tissue and blood collections

Pilot and Development Funds

Tumor micro-environment in early prostate cancer

Meetings and Seminars

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