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Pilot and Development Funds

Fourth Round Proposals funded - October 2004

Pilot and Development funds were awarded to the following groups:-

Dr Michael Threadgill, University of Bath

"Optimisation of linkers in a polymeric prodrug system for selective prostate delivery of drugs"

Dr Matthew Lloyd, University of Bath

"The molecular role of a-methylacyl-Coa racemase in prostatic cancer"

Dr Christopher Bunce, University of Birmingham

"Targeting peroxisome proliferation activator receptors (PPARs) in prostate carcinoma"

Third Round Proposals funded- August 2003

Pilot and Development funds were awarded to the following groups:-

Professor Gwyn Williams, Keele University

"Molecular mechanisms of cell death: development of prostate cell lines for functional identification of apoptosis genes"

Dr Robert Kypta, Imperial College London

"The effects of purified Wnt proteins on prostate cell growth and differentiation"

Dr Janet Shipley, ICR, Sutton, Surrey

"Expression profiling laser capture microdissected prostate tissues"

Dr Youqiang Ke, University of Liverpool

"Preliminary investigation of possible mechanism of the tumourigenicity-suppressing activity of TIG1 in prostate cancer cells"

Download Call for Proposals (Word document 25KB)

Download the application form (Word document 74 KB)

Second Round Proposals funded - Oct 2002
23 applications were received at the Collaborative meeting on 25th October and the decision was taken to offer funding to the top two alpha*:

Dr Axel Thomson at the MRC Human Reproductive Sciences Unit, Edinburgh
"Identification of mesenchymal genes involved in prostatic growth using SAGE analysis"

Dr Ermanno Gherardi at the University of Cambridge
"MET antagonists for cancer therapy"

Following a review of the "runners up" applications from the JANUARY 2002 and OCTOBER 2002 two further awards have been made:

Dr Moray Campbell, University of Birmingham Medical School "Gene re-expression chemoprevention strategies in prostae cancer"

Prof Mustafa Djamgoz at Imperial College, London
"A possible secretory system operating in positive feed-back mode to accelerate metastatic prostate cancer"

First Round Proposals funded - Jan 2002
Pilot and Development funds were awarded to the following groups:-

Professor Freda Stevenson University of Southampton
“DNA gene fusion vaccines against prostate cancer”

Dr Chris Parker Royal Marsden NHS Trust
“A study of tumour microenvironment in localised prostate cancer managed by surveillance”

Professor Dave Phillips Institute of Cancer Research
“Environmental factors in prostate cancer”

Awarded use of Core Collaborative Resources for the production of tissue arrays:-

Professor Jack Cuzick Imperial Cancer Research Fund
“Molecular markers as prognostic factors in clinically localized prostate cancer: creation of a resource”

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