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The aim of the proposed work is to obtain preliminary data of the chromosome regions and genes associated with differential expression during prostate cell differentiation and tumourigenesis.  Cells positive for markers associated with stem cell differentiation, apparently normal tissues adjacent to tumours and putative precursor lesions of prostate carcinoma, including those in different population groups with apparently different rates of progression to invasive disease, will be studied in collaborations including David Hudson and Yong-Jie Lu.  Laser capture microdissection (LCM) and associated processing of snap frozen and fresh material will be established for profiling expression changes in these cells.   Chromosomal level data will be obtained using a rapid global screening approach we have developed termed comparative expressed sequence hybridisation (CESH) and will complement microarray expression profiling of selected samples.  Although beyond the scope of the current study, genes ultimately identified may be investigated in more functional studies and assessed for their predictive value or suitability as targets for novel therapies.


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