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David Dearnaley,Ros Eeles,Alan Horwich,Robert Huddart,
Chris Parker


National Translational Cancer Research Network
The Royal Marsden is one of 10 cancer centres, collaborating to provide a national lead in translational research.

The Academic Urology Unit is participating in an NTRAC funded study of serum proteomic analysis in men with early prostate cancer on active surveillance. The aim is to identify serum biomarkers of prostate cancer behaviour.


Male Urological Cancer Research Centre
The unit provides prostate tissue specimens linked to a comprehensive clinical database. Samples are routinely collected for research purposes at biopsy and at prostatectomy


In collaboration with the Cancer Research UK Clinical Magnetic Resonance Group at the ICR, we are studying the prognostic role of functional MRI in men with early prostate cancer on active surveillance


The role of magnetic resonance imaging in radiotherapy planning is being explored, funded by a NEAT (New and Emerging Applications of Technology) grant from DoH.


South West London Cancer Research Network
The SWLCRN integrates research with other NHS activities. It serves a population of 1.75 million, and aims to improve recruitment into clinical trials.


Clinical trials in radiotherapy
A phase II dose escalation trial of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) is underway for men with locally advanced prostate cancer at high risk of nodal involvement. We are studying Hypofractionation, in comparison with conventional dose-fractionation, in a phase III study in men with localised disease. In a study funded by NIH, we are evaluating the role of high activity rhenium-186 HEDP against bone metastases.


National phase III clinical trials
The unit recruited over 200 patients to the MRC RT01 trial of radiotherapy dose escalation, which completed accrual in 2001. Ongoing phase III studies include the MRC PR07 study of hormone treatment versus combined modality therapy in locally advanced prostate cancer, and the MRC Intercontinental study of intermittent versus continuous hormone therapy in men with PSA failure after radiation.


NCRN Prostate Cancer Clinical Studies Group
David Dearnaley chairs this group which co-ordinates
a nationwide strategy to develop and implement a
portfolio of clinical trials in prostate cancer.


Cancer Research UK Centre for Cancer Therapeutics Novel agents from the Drug Development Unit may enter initial clinical investigations within the Urology Unit. A recent example is the cytochrome P450 inhibitor, abiraterone.

Genetic predisposition to prostate cancer
Ros Eeles heads the familial genetics team, and has national and global collaborations to identify prostate cancer predisposition genes, and to study their interaction with environmental factors. A trial of targeted screening is in progress, in men at increased risk of prostate cancer.


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